Behold the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands (the place of the Gaels) is one of Scotland's historic regions. Together with the Scottish Lowlands, it diverged from the medieval period into modern times.

The sparsely populated region covers about 10,000 square miles and is the largest (by far) in Scotland. It's divided in two by the Great Glen and features the Grampian Mountains on the southeast and the northwest Highlands.

Of its many wonders, the Scottish Highlands is famous for its high mountain ranges, stunning freshwater lakes, and picturesque views. It is also known as the home of the legendary Nessie or the Loch Ness Monster.

Things to Pack When Hiking in Scotland

4 Aug 2023

If someone is interested in an extended hiking trip, they will undoubtedly struggle to find a better place than Scotland. This country is renowned for its iconic trails, which take people through gorgeous forests, fields, beaches, and mountains. The scenery in the Highlands is second-to-none. It is possible to join hiking groups and go on a long journey together. Alternatively, if the person is experienced enough, they could go it alone.

Regardless of which option they choose, it is vital that the right items are brought along for the trip. Preparation is arguably the most important aspect of hiking, as it will effect all other parts of the journey. Some items are more recreational in nature, whereas others are useful for keeping safe.

Staying Entertained

Many hikers choose to bring along a vape. You can buy your vape online from the website Haypp in a range of flavours and strengths. During long hikes, the person will need to camp out and wait until the morning. If they get bored, a vape can provide some much-needed entertainment.

Safety Gear

The weather in Scotland can be somewhat harsh, depending on the time of year. It is important to prepare for emergency situations. This includes packing the right clothing and safety gear. A phone with a reliable signal is essential. So too is a portable first aid kit. Expert hikers will already know which items to bring along. Novices can ask their guide about this and plan ahead.

Outlander: Popularizing Traditional Scottish Music

15 Nov 2021

Nothing has contributed more to the popularization of traditional Scottish music than the critically-acclaimed television series Outlander. It has millions of loyal fans, thanks to its alluring depictions of 18th-century Scotland. However, one of Outlander’s most striking features is its soundtrack, dominated by the inimitable sound of the legendary Scottish bagpipe.

See Beautiful Scenery in the Scottish Highlands

14 Oct 2021

Did you know that many people find Scotland to be one of the most beautiful places to visit? Located in the United Kingdom, Scotland has stunning scenery, revealing incredible views from the highway, so you never even actually have to leave your car.

The Great Glen in the Scottish Highlands

12 May 2021

The Great Glen is one of many glens in the Scottish Highlands and spans over 100 kilometers in length. It is also known as Glen Albyn and has gorgeous scenery that anyone can visit if they travel to the Scottish Highlands in the United Kingdom.

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